Fence Generator

Fence Generator 1.2

Fence Generator is a tool that allows users to quickly generate fence
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Fence Generator is a tool that allows users to quickly generate fence, walls, oil pipes, powerlines and everything else can be placed in a sequence into Bohemia Interactive's Visitor for ArmA.
Every placeable object in ArmA that could be used in a set of subsequent objects has a natural orientation when placed on the ground for the first time.

Main Features:
- Load and save projects, including background bitmaps, objects templates and items placed.
- Automatic import of new template objects when found in other user's works
- Export and import of template objects for community sharing
- Placement position relocation to attach to existing objects and make T patterns
- Placement position relocation to start separate structures virtually in every place of the map
- Ghost objects
- Template item substitution allow the map maker to change on the fly the item type to reflect changes on island artificial/natural object naming conventions (ca\building\misc\house to house\red_house for example)
- Complete control on item templates. Everything you made on templates, to reflect your needs, will not be saved until you press Templates -> Save on top menu.

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